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Tal Halperin - Founder

Ever since I can remember I have loved ornamental fish. Something inexplicable about the pure beauty of the fish, and quiet, peaceful movements of the aquarium continues to fascinate me to this day.

As a little boy, I remember how I drove my father crazy to buy me an aquarium with all the necessary equipment. From here, I then asked him to design the aquarium so that it looked like the natural habitat of the fish in the wild. Once this was done, my passion only grew, and I wanted all the types of fish in every store I knew of! You can definitely say I showed an early love for aquatics which has lasted into adulthood; and it didn’t stop there.

After I had a magnificent aquarium at home, I also wanted a fish pond. With my energetic encouragement, my ever-supportive father built 3 small concrete fish ponds in our garden. I remember how I would sit for hours watching the aquarium, showing others the fish in the ponds, and generally feeling on top of the world. It was this early experience which has given me a deep and intuitive understanding of the needs of a huge variety of fish of every color, species, and from all corners of the world. 

In fact, from this childhood passion, I increasingly learned more and more about the field. I learned both how there are types of fish which get along, but also how there are some which simply cannot live together in the same tank. I learned how each fish has its own character; I learned how there are fish which spawn as well as those which lay eggs, and, of course, I tried to breed different species. From this, I understood that the fish is a very sensitive animal, and therefore should be treated with a lot of attention. An extremely important part of this was how I figured out how to identify different diseases which fish can suffer from, how to treat them when they are sick, and much, much more. When I grew up, I then worked for 4 years in this ornamental fish hatchery, and I continued deepening my knowledge of breeding and treating fry.

Mostly I learned that the experience and knowledge I acquired is irreplaceable!

The purpose of this blog is to share my experience, and the experience of others, in order to give ornamental fish lovers the broadest and most accurate knowledge possible in all areas related to fish and aquariums. From topics for beginners, such as choosing the right breed of fish for you, to subjects for experienced fish keepers like breeding and setting up specialist tanks or outdoor ponds, there is something here for everyone. I hope you find it both helpful and enjoyable! 

You can find me here on LinkedIn

Sydney Perry - Blog Editor and content Writer

I am a huge lover of nature and have kept fish since I was a child. With an interest in Japanese culture, I found myself drawn towards shubunkins and iwagumi aquascaping, and currently have set up my first naturalistic aquascape for my betta fish and tetras. 

I have always strived to treat every part of nature with care and respect, and my passion is for spreading the word about better ways of living in harmony with the environment and the animals which we encounter. My work on Your Aquarium Place is dedicated to providing high quality information about all fish species no matter how small, and dispelling myths about their care. My goal is to show there is more to these creatures than often meets the eye – from tank dimensions to the species they can cohabit with. 

My own fish have ranged from coldwater shubunkin goldfish to tropical bettas and fancy guppies, and a few early challenges led me to going deeper into my researching and realising the importance of spreading correct information. As a result, I want to ensure that new fish keepers can benefit from my own learning process, and have access to thorough research that supports them whilst not being too complex or challenging. At heart, my aim is to show that with the right knowledge, fish keeping is a peaceful and accessible hobby almost everyone can enjoy!

When I am not researching and writing, you can find me involved in sustainable living, whether permaculture growing or up cycling and crafting things to save resources. Or, connect with me here on my LinkedIn

Eliza Ward Rupping - content Writer

Anyone who knows me will describe me as artistic, with a love for plants and animals, and adoring the art in nature itself, even the smallest creatures.

Growing up on a farm, I was introduced to all things feathered, furred, and finned. My passion for animals was inherited from my father and developed from a young age. My first experience with aquatic life was with the natural pond on our farm abounding with fascinating wild fish and creatures. I will never forget our holiday trips to the seaside, where my favorite pastime as a child was finding new treasures in the small ponds, anything from small colorful eels and crustaceans to lively fish, and adorable little gobies.

Today living in a small coastal town, I have started a hobby of collecting and keeping both tropical and aquatic plants. I am completely mesmerized by the Natural Rainforest and Dutch (being of Dutch origin myself) Aquascaping themes, and I have recently taken an interest in Self Sustaining Aquariums. Naturally, my aquariums needed some life, and thus my interest in rare fish species became more compelling. One of my all-time favored freshwater species will remain the elegant, feisty, and highly astute Betta fish, especially the Rosetail Black Orchid, and obviously, as my favorite color is purple, the very rare Rosetail Purple.

My devotion lies is in thorough researching, Aquarist, Avian and Gardening information, and conversing with similar social media groups, for a more personal touch. Hands on, I delight in tending to my plants and aquariums, and spending time with all my animal friends. You can connect with me on LinkedIn